Training Within Industry (TWI)

The TWI J Programs

Training within Industry (TWI)

TWI teaches your frontline supervisors, the basic is in Lean Leadership - and is your key to succeed with Lean!

What is TWI?

TWI was first used in American industry and in hospitals for more than 70 years ago with great effect. In 1951, Toyota introduced TWI, and practice it still every day as a key element in their production system. 15 years ago was TWI rediscovered as "The Hidden Secret of Toyota," "The Human Side of Lean", "The missing link to Lean" and today TWI again proved its worth in industry, health, administrative and service - in fact all places where predictability, safety , quality and stability are important.

The TWI J Program is designed as the most basic training and development program for your supervisors. TWI Is very simple in it form, but please don’t let if foll you in what it can do for you business or you Lean Leadership development program.

Why TWI? 

In this 3 minute short video, you can see why different companies and hospitals believe that TWI, is the missing link in their Lean work - Too many work with Lean, but do not get the results out of Lean, what are they missing? Why is it that about 85% of all lean projects fail, according to a SHINGO analysis?

In the video you will hear comments from:


Link til TWI Institute, USA

Business Through people are the official Global Partner with the TWI Institute, which is located in Syracuse in the United States, and we are the only certified partners in Scandinavia and Switzerland to supply their TWI programs. We also have the rights to select local partners for delivery of the TWI programs as TWI Institute Scandinavia or TWI Institute Switzerland Partners.

You can read more about our TWI services at the two sites, which are specially designed for this: one is for our Scandinavian customers and the other for our clients in Switzerland.

TWI Institute Scandinavia 

- TWI Institute Switzerland (Under development)