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Tell me in few words "What is the Training Within Industry (TWI) Supervisor program?"
It is a training program designed to provide the basic skills of a good supervisor. It was developed in the USA during World War II to quickly get results through their people, enabling the war production to increase productivity. A supervisor is any one that is in charge of people, or who directs the work of others. (e.g. Team leaders, job trainers)

TWI Institute Denmark

The TWI Programs is divided into 5 moduls. (the first 3 was develop in beginning, the last 2 was added on later).

  • TWI Job Instruction (how to develop a well trained workforce - the key to standard work)
  • TWI Job Relations (How to get results through people)
  • TWI Job Methods (How to improve processes)
  • TWI Job Safety (how to create a safe work place)
  • TWI Problem solving (How to solve problems in production)

The TWI program can be seen as the basic program, that is needed to develop good first line leaders. When they master these basic skills, more advanced programs can be add to improve their skills. The TWI Supervisor program fits into to all optimizing programs e.g. LEAN, QRM or agile to name a few. Basic for all of them is that they need a well trained workforce, to produce quality products.

If you apply the TWI Program properly, you will se great results in Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People. Toyota is today one of the greatest case stories of TWI, they implemented and anchored the TWI Program over many years. If you want the same results, you must think in long term results and be willing to invest in your people.

All the TWI Programs are divided into 2 levels:

  • Learn the knowledge and skills of one of the TWI Programs (5*2 hours introduction class and practices period of 3-6 months)
  • Learn the knowledge and skills of teaching one of the TWI Programs - 5*2 introduction class (40 hour Train-the-Trainer course)/ *only needed for Internal TWI Trainers, that will teach the introduction clases. link to the 40 hour Train-the-Trainer calender LINK.

 The Internal TWI Trainer

The ideal TWI Deployment Sequence:

1st TWI JR                                                       

By first building strong relations, supervisors gain trust and respect from their people, who will then want to follow their good instructions and participate in improvement activities

2nd TWI JI

Good job instruction will then create stability in work processes, which will become the foundation for developing true standardized work. Only then can processes be analyzed properly to find improvement. 

3rd TWI JM

Once good morale is establish around following standard work processes, effort at getting everyone involved in improvement activities will flourish. Good instruction practice will ensure improved methods are taught well to employees who want to follow the new standards

JR/JI switch

TWI Job instruction can be introduced first if strong human relations exist. Even in the case, the need for TWI Job Relations becomes quickly apparent, and TWI JR should be implemented soon thereafter. 


Job Instruction and Job Relations should be rolled out fairly simultaneously, with just enough time in between to master one before moving on to the next. Job Methods can be implemented much later when processes are stabilized. 


At BusinessThroughPeople we have experience with implemented the TWI Program in many different countries, from pilot project, roll out, training leaders on many different levels, developing Job Breakdowns in global team, to training internal consultants. Based on this we offer coaching on how you can succeed with you local or global TWI Implementation.


Don't hesitate to contact us, so we can find the best solutions for you! or to book a TWI Introduction/Training.

To read more about the TWI Program click on "Inspiration" and you can also visit the TWI Institute, NY. (our official Partner)

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* At BusinessThroughPeople we are certified  in teaching the TWI JI and JR 10 hour classes. The goal of BusinessThroughPeople is that we in the future, will be able of providing the full certified TWI program in Danish, English and German, with own TWI Trainers - Until this, we will draw on the TWI Trainers from the TWI Institute, NY.