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A supervisor’ skills should not be confused with the skills of the best worker. A supervisors role is to supervise and make sure that his team reaches its goal - Even if he/she is a “playing-coach”. 

Just remember that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction*". Always remember this, because most often by picking the wrong supervisor can have repercussions, which are not as easily fixed, as it was to choose the supervisor, based on the wrong conclusions.

You know your employees better than we do, no doubt of this. But do you know the behavioral patterns and qualities to look for in a supervisor?

Our main focus will be to help you spot the talent among your group of volunteers*. We will teach you how to pin point and understand what features to look for.

By choosing the right supervisor talent from the beginning of the process. You avoid having to stop midstream and have to start over and waste time. Even more importantly imaging what happens to the employee you will have to tell aren’t sufficient skilled to take-on the role of supervisor.

Because what happens if you choose the wrong supervisor? Will the supervisor feel failure of not having what it takes? Most likely, could you have spared the person from this defeat, yes you could. Will this failure discourage others from volunteering? Most likely.

We have a great team of professionals whom have worked across various cultures giving them a great insight into various operations and understanding of how people react to the supervisor role. Both as supervisor as well as being supervised.

You will soon experience that by choosing the right supervisor talent will benefit you on many levels; such as improved job training, a greater atmosphere on the shop floor, better results and a standardized production.


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*We always encourage that all supervisors should sign-up for the task by their own free will. This way they will see the promotion as pat on the back and not as another assignment to be lifted.

*Newtons Laws of Motion