Intensive Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic Coaching

Intensive Dynamic Coaching

Stop wasting your time and effort. Use your energy so that it works for you.

Through Dynamic Coaching, I can help you become aware of what is particularly difficult for you - right now - and together we will look at what you can do about your situation. 

In Intensive Dynamic coaching, we focus on your outer objective and at the same time what is holding you back inside - from reaching this outer objective. The way we work with this, is that we look at the reactions you have, what happens, and together clarify the habits and defense mechanisms that you use when things become difficult. 

Together, we then look behind the habits and defense mechanisms and examine / experience the feelings that are below, and how - if we gently reaches them – they get activated.

These feelings will help you to find the energy and strength to handle and meet the challenges you face.

Do not hesitate, to contact me about Intensive Dynamic Coaching or to book a start up coaching session. 

My Qualification

An education in Intensive Dynamic Coaching, offered by Dr. Laura Mott ( A 2 year education with 9 moduls of 3 days each - between 2013 to 2015.  Intensive Dynamic Coaching is a method developed by Laura Mott and Patricia Coughlin, and is based on ISTDP. To learn more about the method, I will recommend the literature below.





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