Instensive Dynamic Tean Coaching

Dynamic Tean Coaching

Intensive Dynamic Tean Coaching

We often overlooked the role of feelings when we are trying to change. Emotions can easily create fear and then defense that inhibits change.

When working with change in teams, we should of course take into account the rational things such as: Who, what and how and why. There should also be taken care of the irrational things such as the emotions that is in play when change is underway. This applies to both the emotions the leaders have but also the emotions employees experience. Are these feelings not handled in a gentle way, they will keep some of the energy down, and will be missing when the team tryes to achive its objective.

I offer to support your process of change, helping to structure the irrational. This is done by using some simple tools and techniques, I slowly transfer to you in the process.


Amcor: Giving Visibility to Concerns

At Amcor Flexibles in Horsens, Denmark they started working with lists of concerns in connection with a TWI project, during which they have initiated a change process involving a limited group. The list of concerns has led to a swifter surfacing of anxieties, fears and concerns. “We are a small group of people involved, and we are all very committed. The list of concerns was quickly cut by half, and we are continually following up on it. The list has contributed to the rapid creation of confidence with the change efforts and the future, towards which we are heading," says Eva Salenius-Lundberg, Continuous Improvement Manager at Amcor.

PostNord Danmark Parcel Production:

Working to operationalize how feelings and insecurity are handled. How do we ensure an effective and global change communication?Will this be followed all the way through, or will it just be another bubble that bursts? Are the others going to accept my new role? Many concerns have been placed on the list at PostNord Danmark Parcel Production.” I am confident that our efforts to expose and work with the concerns have cleared a lot of stumbling blocks off our way. The list of concerns has contributed to shed light on the nervousness - avoiding that it turns into coffee machine gossip and murmurs," says Karen Stenholt, TWI Facilitator and Lean consultant, PostNord Danmark Parcel Production.

Idealcombi: A Faster and More Painless Change Process

Idealcombi, a North Jutland window manufacturer, has worked with list of concerns in connection with Lean implementation.” We consider the list of concerns as an important element of our Lean efforts. It verbalizes feelings and anxieties and contributes to concretize fears and worries, thus reducing the space they take up in our heads. There is no doubt that the list of concerns in the end contributes to make our journey towards Lean both faster and more powerful," says Torben Rathmann, Internal Lean Consultant at Idealcombi.

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