Lean & HR Services

I want to help you, help yourself.

My desire is to enable you - to be able to create, maintain and develop your business through your people. Which will help you improve your quality, achieve a more stable and effective production, and lower your cost. 

I do not wish to run your business for you; it is your business and your desire to improve it. However I offer Dynamic Coaching, Advice and Training, in how you and your people can succeed with your objectives. I strongly believe that your leaders must have the right ownership, and thereby recommend that they are a big part of the change – I actually hope they will drive it.

A Shingo analysis tells us that 85% of all lean transformation fails. I believe that most of them fail, because they are missing some key elements in their way of thinking, and the structure in their organizations.

If you want to succeed with your TWI and Lean transformation – I highly recommend you, to not only look at the Lean or TWI tools, but instead look at what culture your want, which guiding principles, systems, tools and results supports you transformation in archiving the wanted culture change and most important what problem do you want to solve?

Project Management

To steer you project I recommend that you start by with filling out a A3 Project Brief and a Tactical implementation Plan (TIP) - once you have launched your project, I recommend that you monitor the progress closely, this is best done with a progress report. these basic peoject management tools are crucial with balincing the expatations with your stakeholders, a small upgrad is to have all stakeholders sign the documents when you have setteled for a direction and process. 

Roles and Structure

 Once you have decided to go through with building up your learning implementation. You want to take a closer look at your organization and the roles distributed throughout this. Does your supervisors and leaders have the right span-of-control? Do you not need the role and structure for the classic supervisor, then perhaps you need to develop a structure with Job Trainers, coordinators and/or team leaders. There are many options and no company are alike, we can advise your company and help in developing the best option for you.  

Because is the current organizational structure ready for the up-coming change? 

Spot the Talent

A supervisor’ skills should not be confused with the skills of the best worker. A supervisors role is to supervise and make sure that his team reaches its goal - Even if he/she is a “playing-coach”. 

Just remember that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction*". Always remember this, because most often by picking the wrong supervisor can have repercussions, which are not as easily fixed, as it was to choose the supervisor, based on the wrong conclusions.

You know your employees better than we do, no doubt of this. But do you know the behavioral patterns and qualities to look for in a supervisor?

Our main focus will be to help you spot the talent among your group of volunteers*. We will teach you how to pin point and understand what features to look for.

By choosing the right supervisor talent from the beginning of the process. You avoid having to stop midstream and have to start over and waste time. Even more importantly imaging what happens to the employee you will have to tell aren’t sufficient skilled to take-on the role of supervisor.

Because what happens if you choose the wrong supervisor? Will the supervisor feel failure of not having what it takes? Most likely, could you have spared the person from this defeat, yes you could. Will this failure discourage others from volunteering? Most likely.

You will soon experience that by choosing the right supervisor talent will benefit you on many levels; such as improved job training, a greater atmosphere on the shop floor, better results and a standardized production.

*) We always encourage that all supervisors should sign-up for the task by their own free will. This way they will see the promotion as pat on the back and not as another assignment to be lifted. -> Newtons Laws of Motion



Our TWI Training programs,  you can read more about on - TWI Institute Scandinavia

Evaluation of the Learning Organisation (Process Confirmation)

We will advise and train you, in how to systematical evaluate the effectiveness of your supervisor system – so it continuously will to develop in the needed way.

When evaluating the system, both the supervisor system and the effect of it must be evaluated.

  • Does the supervisor follow the TWI 4 JI Training method? Has he/she made a job breakdown before starting the training?
  • Has the supervisor trained the worker sufficiently? In order for them to perform the job correctly, safely and conscientiously?  
  • Is there a good relation between the supervisor and the worker? Does the supervisor regularly give feedback?  Does the supervisor recognize good performance or behavior?
  • Does the supervisor improve the processes, when there is a need?
  • How does the supervisor follow up (process confirmation) on the worker? Do the supervisor leave the worker with shame and guilt – or with motivation to improve?

We will help you develop a system that will continuously evaluate the supervisor system and appraise whether or not the supervisor system is effective or need more training.

By helping you evaluate the supervisor system we will ensure that you get a clear-cut picture of where improvements may be needed. Not only are we able to show you where you need to focus your efforts, we are also able to supply you with the necessary follow-up coaching, based on our analysis.

First of all, understanding the definition of what should be evaluated is a great approach to look at your process with fresh-eyes. By defining the system that should be evaluated, you are already one step closer to the solution or improvement. Because by going through your training system you will be able to eliminate and enhance the parts that functions perfectly, and learn from these. 

I can coach, advise and train you and your people, but it is up to you, where you need my experience and expertise. No matter the size of your company or how your products are structured, these elements are something your need to consider – if your want to succeed with building up a learning organization.


The Learning Organization

How to design, build up and maintain your learning organization.