Building a Global Learning Organization: Using TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group
By Patrick Graupp, Gitte Jakobsen, John Vellema

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"LEGO has been a household name all of my life and I was aware that they had a strong people-focused culture and adopted lean methods.  I was not aware how far LEGO has come in moving from the tools to investing in developing people and becoming a learning organization.  This book, written with LEGO insiders, is a stunning example of the discipline and commitment needed to develop people as masters of their crafts through the only way people learn—repetitive, deliberate practice."
- Jeffery K. Liker, Professor, University of Michigan

"Few books, if any in the Lean area since the NUMMI era, have gone into such depth on what it takes to integrate and unify across cultures. The book will become a standard guide not only to TWI implementation, but to the wider challenge of cross functional and cross cultural integration."
- John Bicheno, Founder of MSc in Lean Enterprise at University of Buckingham

"While TWI has made a significant comeback in recent years ... , the ability to make it an integrated and sustainable system of developing people with a highly productive capability to solve problems while continually learning has remained allusive to most organizations. The book describes in detail how LEGO achieved this culture through a strategic and deliberate plan to develop and deploy a global system of organizational training using TWI as its foundation."
- Jim Huntzinger, President/Founder, Lean Frontiers


 This book describes how a multinational company developed a global structure for learning around the TWI program in order to create and sustain standardized work across multiple language and cultural platforms. Shingo Prize-winning author, Patrick Graupp collaborates with two practitioners who performed the planning and implementation of LEGO's worldwide Learning Organization. Complete with the organization and implementation models used by LEGO, this book describes the critical elements that made the implementation a success as well as the stumbling blocks that were encountered and how they were overcome.


  • Outlines the actual organizational and planning models used by LEGO to conceive and sell the company on how to build a true Global Learning Organization
  • Supplies clear descriptions of how and why TWI was used as the foundational tool for success in achieving Standard Work across diverse language and cultural platforms
  • Presents insight into the core work of culture change-working with people to sell the change and create motivation at the ground level for moving to a new system of learning
  • Provides step-by-step guidance on how to create a solid organizational foundation for a Learning Organization
  • Includes case studies that describe in detail how to achieve a successful roll out