How to approach TWI JI

This Monday we were invited to Post Danmark* to participate in an internal TWI Conference. 
We were to lead a workshop and go through the JI program.
Present were 50 representatives from Post Danmark they counted; Leaders, union representatives, trainers,
Lean and HR consultants, employees and employees from "work environment and safety".
Lean and HR consultants, employees and employees from "work environment and safety".
A very open and forthcoming dialogue characterized the day; particular focused on the essential questions: 
"What is TWI, What can we benefit from TWI and how do we succeed with TWI JI?"
One of the main issues here were the concerns linked to the Job Trainer title, because how would this be received among their fellow
employees? Now, this is not a unique example, to be quite honest we actually cannot remember a time where this has not been an 
issue for the soon-to-be trainers.
This is why we have created a list of the most common concerns that you are likely to encounter when starting any of the 
JI programs:
  • How do we empower and benefit from the more experienced workers tacit-knowledge?
  • How do we secure an overall willingness to follow the job trainer/training?
  • How to gather and distribute improvements?
  • How do we communicate about TWI? What is the different between TWI and Lean?
  • How do we secure that the experienced employees feel that they are truly appreciated?
  • The acceptance of the job trainers/the role
  • Is everyone on the same page, and ready to focus on basic stability?
  • How do we measure the benefit of TWI JI?
  • How do we ensure that the Job Trainers get the time to prepare, train and follow up on the employees?
Since every company and work environment differentiate from each other, the list should be viewed more as a guideline, where each 
point should be handled differently.
There is however one thing you should always remember. And that is that all of these concerns, or issues, are for the most part 
grounded in uncertainty, fear of change and/or lack of trust to the leader team and whether they are willing to support this 
"new thing"(TWI was established in the 1940's) - these concerns must be taken very seriously and handled with extreme care.
Thank you, Post Danmark for a great day filled with inspiration and solutions. Looking forward to certifying your first "batch" of TWI JI trainers in week 6.

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*Danish national postal service