About Business Through People

About Business Through People

At Business Through People, we primarily work with employees and their immediate leaders. The approach is that results are achieved through and with people.

Business Through People primarily offer teaching and coaching as our core services. We also offer sparring in preparation for teaching and coaching, so that we ensure that the teaching / coaching is an investment with a substantial return.

Business Through People were mainly founded on the basis of John Vellema's experience to develop and operate the global job training organization at the LEGO Group, ensuring rapid knowledge sharing across the LEGO Group's factories around the world. You can read more about this global project in the book: "Building a Global Learning Organization: Using the TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group," which in 2015 won the SHINGO's Book Award. Since the start of Business Through People, more services have been added to the portfolio, all of them about how we develop and create the best environment for our managers and employees to succeed.

My experiences with establishing a global learning organization were - among others - that we should not only focus on methodologies and at supportive organization, but at least as much on individual employees / managers and their concerns, commitment and emotions.

It was obvious that by emphasizing on making a gentle change, the change was more persistent and powerful. For example, I used a “concern list” – to let employees voice their concerns and let management hear and deal with these concerns.

This approach has been tried several times in business and in government agencies - with good results. By working with leader and employee concerns, we can eliminate / reduce the defense and the anxiety that otherwise would put a damper on the energy in the change process.

I offer team support and coaching of individuals, so that they release the emotional energy - which can be blocked by the their defense and anxiety. Read more about this services in this link

Besides working with the emotions, that are very irrational, my learning is that we have to work very concretely with the rational things, too. The desired culture requires that we design an organization that solves tasks in such a way, that we achieve the desired culture. This means that we may need to look at how many employees a leader can handle? What tasks they must solve and when? How do we educate leaders and employees to carry out their tasks successfully? How do we evaluate them, on whether they fulfill their tasks well enough? And what do we, do if they do not? How do we find the right people, to fit these roles? Read more about my services in building a learning organiztion, in this link

At the LEGO Group, we found out that the TWI Job Instruction module was a very good foundation in our efforts to build a learning organization. In TWI Job Instruction, you have 3 simple, but very powerful tools, all of which have helped to create a global language in the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group now has also begun working with TWI Job Relations. This has brought their achievements even further.

I have chosen to split my company into two parts, the LEAN- and HR-related services and the TWI services. The TWI services can be seen as stand-alone applications or as a package that will create a strong and necessary foundation in your Lean journey. You can read more about our TWI services at the two sites, which are specially designed for this: one is for our Scandinavian customers and the other for our clients in Switzerland.

The reason for this is, that the two sites represents the two geographical areas, we have been given the rights to, by the TWI Institute's US headquarters.

- TWI Institute Scandinavia 

- TWI Institute Switzerland (Under development)

The Lean- and HR-related services, you can learn more about on this site.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a chat about the possibilities for cooperation.


With best regards

John Vellema